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Heritage Alumni Association - testimonials
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Sayan Das (Roll: "095532")
This thing reminds me of my college days, those 4 years passed like a gush of wind. I enjoyed alot had a great batch . Thank u HERITAGE.
An excellent medium to keep connected
Titumir Kar (Roll: "019105")
I was the first batch of in HIT-K.It was very nice journey here The classroom adda, AP sir ko darna, mock tests, grooming classes, canteen adda and modern girls, library adda and reading etc . in total whole campassing was full of fun. I never move with gangs ....but never felt alone whenever in campass.
I was unable to pay fees in final yr due to problrm at home,still got support from AP sir and Principal sir ..... they allow me for exan and passed exam. So after clearing dues when i collect my certificate i feel proud and njoyous thay Heritage awarded me eith M.Tech degree. different kind of ferlings.
My friend Uttam Dash is faclty here.AP sir,debnath sir,Prem,hemant knows me very well. All they are very sweet.

Dont be sad for AP sir, he looks like angry but he is always good and helpng for students. I had learnt a lot from him.When my friends were wrong in misjudgibg him, i was only supportive and ultimately everybody realuzed their faults. Ok . i become little emotional...

Personally commitment of placement cells are unbeievable. They are very dupportive and with you still u got the job.So if u dont get job from heritage nobody can give u jobs. My first job in life got from campassing here and placed at Capgemini Mumbai. Today i bought home my own in Pune and happy with my wife.... everything got possible
due to support of Heritage who gave my first job... my life started.
So i recollect it... i miss the days with my friends... Nobody thibk of me that i could get a job here. my friends were jealous on me... But i was very confident for Heritage... as i loved it and respect it. Believe me i used to talking with my Heritage campass and got powers from it. Never feel alone.
The grooming sessions before campassing helped a lot to grow ur energy and finding ur errrs in u. Ultimately i was crying in happy to exptess how happy i was in Heritage on the day i got the first job here.

Wishing all the best for you HIT-K...
Go ahead and Grow ahead. You Rocks again and again. We are eith you. Will feel more happy if can be a part of you...

Best of Luck. My cell no. 9545459889 , m now in Pune working in Vodafone India Private Limited in SAP ALE/IDOC module.

Get in touch for any reasons u feel.

Thank you and wishing you all a rocking career ahead and keep Trust on your college.
Jadi Tor Daak Shuune Keu Naa aase .. Tabe Heritage aachere tor saathe
Anindya Saha (Roll: "025316")
I passed out from Heritage in 2006 (2nd batch)and I am really happy to share that my sister also joined the same institution in 2012 (1st year 2nd sem now). Heritage has now become a part of our family.Hope this tradition continues...:)
Tradition continues...
Abhijit Karmakar (Roll: "068203")
Wish you all My Classmate and all alumani a happy and healthy life.
Imagine Journey through Heritage Institute of Technology
RISHAV RANJAN (Roll: "065449")
Heyy...really nice initiative guys...keep posting about all the happenings @ HIT-K...m sure people will be registering here once they come to know about every1 plz spread the words...!! :)
GOVINDA RAI (Roll: "065404")
Nice site to visit and remember college and college mates,
Thanks whoever has started this:)
Good Initiative
ARIF EHSAN (Roll: "065414")
Hey, good work guys....a nice initiative. May b u can remove the "orkut" option (its pretty much extinct) and replace with a linked in profile....keep us updated of all the goodwork at HITK...!!
Chandradeep Banerjee (Roll: "025450")
What a roller coaster ride it was for me and a few other guys......
just terrific.....
Being known as Chedo.....was eventually the first student to be suspended in 2002.
Repeated the feat again in 2003...and this time for a month......
our gatherings in Kakar Dokan, Laltudar dokan, the supplis in semsters...all the wrong reasons to make those days even more special....
Now I realize much I was engrossed for long 4 years....time swept...whishhhh past and left the memories to cherish the rest of life...more than anything, miss you HITK....I owe so much to you.
Missing those days badly
Dibyajyoti Sarkar (Roll: "025369")
I really glad that some one has taken the pain to do this... Kudos to the guy/gal... Thanks for bringing folks so close together again :-)... Its been over 5 over I've left the campus but i still long to go back to those days... The days I spent in Common Room... Tea and cigarette @Laltu's (dunno if its still there)... Food stuffs at canteen... And lastly the nights spent in the hostel (even tho I wasn't a hostelite)... Really, those were the best days of my life... Missing pals and seniors and of course juniors as well... Btw, most guys won't know me by my good name... Hence, signing out below as my college names...

~DJ/Chintu (Hope this name rings a bell in lot many minds of the college)...
Missing my Class Bunks and Adda
Bipasha Basu (Roll: "015336")
I have heard people say that school days are the best days of ones life... I put my college days in HITK far ahead! Those four years have been undoubtedly the best time in my life. I can still recall so much of it so precisely as if it was only yesterday, my only regret that the four years passed off too soon... But the lessons learnt in campus are to stay with us for a lifetime... Having said that, I am ready to come back to campus any day! :) Such is the special bond which binds me to HIT even today... Love you HIT, you rock!
Masti Bhare College Ke Din
Sayantan Mitra (Roll: "015166")
Surely, its a proud feeling, dipped in nostalgia and memories when one looks back at one's Alma Mater.. for me and my mates from the 1st batch of this institute, we did share a special bonding to Heritage and we cherish it in each of our lives.

The part of Heritage growing up is something most unique, it something personal, you hold in happy confidence that you belong in the deepest of senses to be threaded into the very process. It has come a very long way since 10 years after when I am writing this, setting foot into the institute in 2001.

I am happy that I saw Heritage transform from a sapling as we were into an education powerhouse, ready to challenge other already-established insititutes of the day, and surely leaving them in wake of the dust on a trail we leave behind.. We can never be the competition - Its all that happens behind us.

Am proud to be part of such a amazing fraternity. Wish you all the very best in life!

Heritage - looking back..
Nilanjan Dutta (Roll: "015311")
Luv u HIT...even after 5 yrs if I meet an is a nostalgic feeling..
AEIE 2005
MRIGANKA BISWAS (Roll: "029103")
No doubt it's a good way to keep in touch with friends..but why just 2100 ppl are here!! we should advertise more about this...
need more ads
Arun Khandelwal (Roll: "045437")
Hat's OFF to the person who has given and implemented this.
SUMAN DEWAN (Roll: "055558")
this is the best way to keep in touch...plz frnd do keep in touch..with this great to hav such way to keep in touch...missing u all..missing u keep in touch...may be possible to hav reunion ....remembering thos happy days..will be frnds plz logged in usually...thos who till now not tell them frnds to register as soon as possible........
missing u heritage...
Sudipta Deb (Roll: "035148")
Just one word "AWESOME"
Queeny Bubna (Roll: "045677")
this is a great job and whoever thought of it....jus one word...awesome...keep doing such things n be connected
an excellent endeavour
TASNEEM SAYEED (Roll: "055615")
This is the best way to keep in touch with our college and remain updated on all its stats! Besides the site is well planned and tastefully done. Just wish the graphics were a bit better and the photo-editing software a little more sophisticated. But all in all kudos for the website team :)
Great Job!
Rahul Singh (Roll: "045411")
A simple request to all the users...Please do not hide ur basic information like ur email that in case any body want to contact you...
Great Job Done...A recommendation..
Ronojoy Chakravarty (Roll: "045631")
there is no option for alumni to give specifications in case they are doing higher studies. Only option is for current employment if this can be looked at by the web administrator it would be of great help.
A small glitch
Ronojoy Chakravarty (Roll: "045631")
this is great. nice to revisit college esp when you are physically so far away from it. Looking forward more such grand initiatives from your end.


Great Initiative
Sanchayan Dutta (Roll: "045413")
Its a gr8 feeling to be back to Heritage once again. My 4yrs had been a lifelong experience here, and I relished it bigtime now. Its great to see Heritage juniors come up with such wonderful ideas, such innovative ideas and challenges will make our college a standard recognition in the nation and international level, and that will be the apex of success for all of us, as we grow only if our college reputation grows. Good work folks. Best of Luck to all your future endavours. Please feel free to involve us (passout batch students) in any ocassion or help you may want, I think you will get a welcome note from all of us !!
Kudos to all HITans
Atanu Tarafdar (Roll: "015405")
Its been a outsaning thought..i dont know who has got the idea.but thanks to him/her..and also thakns to those who are accepted the requested and became a part of alumni..i want to request all the pass out students of each year to join this alumni so that we could keep in touch and come to know about his/her by contacting them..take care all..
About Alumni
ARVINDER SINGH (Roll: "018244")
I really was impressed - a very thought-provoking and challenging task done. Within a few months of returning to the web I'd already use a couple of ideas of the initiators of the Alumni Association.
A pretty impressive and uphill task accomplished - JAI HO!!!
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